Essential oils - Medicine or Poison?

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The difference between a medicine and poison is the dosage -  a fact one of my professors never stopped pointing out during my years studying Pharmacy and still rings loud in my head when working particularly with essential oils.

Essential oils are AMAZING! They have fantastic health benefits and beautiful aromas and could be inhaled or applied on the skin. BUT they are also concentrated liquids that could cause harm if not diluted or applied properly.

Some of my favourite oils which I also use in my products are Lavender and Frankincense, both found to have a calming effect; Bergamot and Peppermint oil which are stimulating oils. These all are used within the acceptable concentrations in all Butter by Banke products. Shop our products

Please do some research before using essential oils to ensure you use and dilute them appropriately. Here’s a guide from Health Canada database I sometimes refer to which shows the uses of various essential oils and more importantly their maximum concentration for topical application.

Hope you find this useful.

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