Our Story

Banke's Story

Have you ever felt good on the inside but your hair and skin tells a different story? Sometimes you find it hard and frustrating growing and managing your hair? or could it be your skin cracking up particularly as the weather changes but you still haven’t found the products that work for you!

This was me when I moved to the UK about 7 years ago. I had my hair relaxed which was doing okay but when I was ready for a retouch, I just couldn’t find a good hair place nearby that could sort my hair out at a justifiable price. Eventually I did a big chop when my hair started to get messy and decided to let it grow out naturally. I loved it, but needed to find a simple way to maintain it without having to buy so many different products. But again, once the weather started to change it took a toll on my skin, making it look dry, cracked and dull and nothing I got off the shelf seemed to work (or was a short term fix!). 

It was frustrating. I tried to eat healthy, did Pilates, drank loads of water but everything seemed to go wrong on the outside and I just didn’t feel as good as I felt on the inside.

"I hear natural hair is beautiful but I didn’t want to let mine out.
They say ‘black don’t crack’ but my skin did."


What changed?

The turning point was when mum (super mum!) visited from Nigeria with some Shea butter (ori) and cold pressed Coconut oil.  I re-discovered these natural gems I grew up using and haven't looked back.

The result so far: healthy hair, glowing skin, healthy bod, beautiful me! ;)

My story has led me to even more natural discoveries and the eventual birth of Butter by Banke.

The natural ingredients I use in my products are effective as they are but not always as easy to use without getting messy. So here’s where the creative part comes in: sourcing and using only quality natural ingredients, I create all-in-one easy to apply unique blends that in most cases, can be used from hair to toe to give a lustrous hair and skin to keep you looking healthy and beautiful on the outside. Shop the Butter by Banke range

A few products in your bathroom for a simple and healthy lifestyle

As mum passed on the natural gems to me I look to passing them on to my daughter and to as many as it would reach.



The Butter by Banke Collection

Butter by Banke product line started with the signature Shea-Deliciousness butter which has a rich and quality shea butter base sourced from local producers in Saki, Oyo, a state in the south western part of Nigeria and is combined with a careful selection of natural oils and a blend of essential oils to give your hair, beard and skin a rich and luxurious feel.

Over time, this range has gradually increased to include:

Liquid Glow Oil for conditioning hair and skin;

Scalp Elixir with Rosemary oil which is proven to stimulate growth (only available in the Imi Set);

Moisturising and Minty Lip Conditioner; and

Raw African Black Soap